Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moo 1.3 Released: Nested Updates and Collection Updates

I've just released Moo v1.3 with extensive new support for updating a graph of nested objects including collections. This allowed me to get rid of a class we were using in a production to manage the nested update, using Moo to update each sub-object, but not the graph as a whole. This has long felt like a weak area of Moo, and that class felt like a piece of code whose existence personified features that Moo should and couldn't do.  As a result, I'm glad to see that class go away.

Moo is a project of mine for doing translation and update of objects from objects. While I encourage you to find a way to avoid needing to do this kind of data copying, if you can't avoid it altogether then I believe you'll find that Moo is a relatively unintrusive and yet reasonably powerful way to do these kinds of translations and updates.

I've also had a chance to flesh out the User Guide, add Release History and Community and Support pages to the wiki, and update the Moo website.  You can get Moo from the github downloads page or from Maven Central repository.

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