Friday, December 28, 2012

Prune v1.2.0

Yesterday, I released v1.2.0 of Prune, which you can install and use as a Ruby gem, if you are so inclined. My updated summary of Prune says:
Prune is designed to maintain a file tree, pruning files by removing and archiving them when necessary.
Prune came from my own need when working with a project that made nightly backups. I wanted to retain the most recent two weeks of backups, retain the Friday backups for anytime older than two weeks within the current and previous month, archive all friday backups from months earlier than the current and previous months, and remove non-friday backups older than two weeks.
I'm still using prune with the same client project for the same purpose, it's going strong. This latest release was primarily around configurability -- I wanted to cut down on the verbosity of the output for my nightly batch pruning without affecting its utility as an interactive command-line application. Prune is much more configurable and much easier to configure than it was in release v1.1.1. You can read the full release notes on the blog.

There's nothing pressing for me in candidate releases for v1.3.0 and v2.0 that I've been tracking in github. There are things I'd like to get to, but nothing that I need. As a result, if you're using prune, or you'd like to, but you'd like a feature to be added, now's a good time to suggest it.

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