Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moo v2.0: Release Candidate 1

I've released the first release candidate build of Moo v2.0, which can be found in Sonatype's OSS staging repository if you use Maven, or you could just download one of these JARs directly from the repo:

If you've been using Moo v1.0 and you're using MVEL expressions, then you'll want both of these. If you don't need MVEL expressions, then you can simply use "moo-core" and not bother with the "moo-mvel" extension JAR.

I'll be conducting some tests with these against some of my own projects, and in the meantime, I'll be documenting more accessibly some of the changes to Moo v2.0, which include:
  • Translation expressions for collection items
  • Factory creation of destination objects
  • Translatable maps (key, value, key & value)
  • Collection type factors in destination type
  • Support for source properties without getters
  • Translation ordering (superclass properties before subclass properties)
  • Separating MVEL from the core of Moo so that it's an optional add-on.
  • MVEL expression pre-compilation.
  • Support for translating objects to Strings via toString().
  • Translator and annotation caching.
  • Dependency upgrades
If you do use the release candidate, let me know how it goes so I can address any issues before putting out the full release.

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