Monday, January 17, 2011

Jr. / Int. Developer

A client of mine, TPA Outsourcing, is looking for a Junior or Intermediate Developer to join the company. It's an interesting position in that you'd be their first full-time development employee, which means that you'll be very involved in how the company's software evolves, and there will be lots of opportunities for growth.

In essence, TPA has already built one software product, and they have plans for others, and while I believe they're happy with the way the work has progressed, they are aware that they need someone on-board full-time who understands these systems, can continue to evolve them, support ongoing growth, and so forth, and that the sooner they get someone on board who can become their expert in these systems, the better.

The developer that joins TPA would work with an experienced team right away to enhance one and build other software products, become expert in those systems, and take on more responsibility as time goes on to become the primary development role for the company as time goes on, plan future products and enhancements, work with TPA to decide if and when to build a larger software team, mentor new team members on existing products, and so on.

While we value broad-based development experience and passion for software more than we do specific technical skills, it's worth noting that the existing product is built using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Java, Hibernate & JDBC, built with Maven and is tested using JUnit & JMock. If you've got experience in those areas, that can only help.

If you're interested in talking further about the role and how you might fit the position, I'd be happy to discuss it more detail. Get in touch.

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