Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Canada Protection Plan: Software Developer

Once again, Canada Protection Plan, a client of mine, is looking to hire a Software Developer here in Toronto.

Canada Protection Plan: Software Developer

Canada Protection Plan (CPP) is a leading provider of non-medical life insurance in Canada. They are growing and are investing in software to help manage their growth, including systems for entering and submitting insurance applications for both internal and external brokers, as well as systems for managing the administration of new business, managing documents, inbound call centre management and so on.

CPP's systems are web-based systems built on the Java platform using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), HTML5 features like local storage and application cache, integrations to scanners and pre-existing insurance management systems. They are and will be used both internally within the company and by external brokers contracted to CPP (independent and through MGAs).

CPP has an existing team of software developers and consultants that have built their existing systems and are continuing to start new systems, but they need to continue to expand the team to meet the growing demand for software and technology. These systems are in heavy daily use, and there's always more work than time in which to implement it.

We are currently looking for intelligent developers who are able to work independently when necessary but are also effective in a group setting. We like hands-on software developers with experience across the whole spectrum of building software, capable of laying out a user interface, turning business requirements into well-tested software, modeling and building object and data models, familiar with web development, software services and databases.

You'd be joining the team as a full-time employee and help us to enhance our existing systems and build new systems using Java, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), HTML5, server-side services, MySQL databases. You'd help build maintain the development and operational environment using Linux, Tomcat, MySQL, Maven, Pivotal Tracker, Eclipse, TeamCity and Subversion / Git as well as system monitoring and operations. You'll be working with our existing team of software developers as well as working directly with the business teams, the employees and managers who will be using the software you create.

We don't expect all candidates to have real-world experience with Google Web Toolkit or the life insurance industry, but if you have either one of those, you should make sure to bring it to our attention, because they'll come in handy. That said, we believe that anyone with a broad-based understanding of web development and of Java should have no trouble picking up the specifics, so there are very few hard technology requirements. Intelligence, desire to learn and passion speak volumes about what you can accomplish.

This position is well-suited to a developer with some experience who is looking to learn by diving in and working with a strong team of senior-level developers and take on additional responsibilities as the company and the team continue to grow. It's an opportunity to be involved with a fun and great team at a company that's growing quickly.

If you're heavily specialized and you prefer working on a very large development team with clearly defined roles and limited responsibility, never interacting with your users, you'll probably hate it here. This is a role for someone who likes to build end-to-end systems, take on whatever responsibilities are available and work hand-in-hand with the business team.

CPP is located at Eglinton and the Don Valley Parkway:

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There's a convenient shuttle-bus from the Yonge subway line, easy access via the DVP if you're driving, and a few different TTC routes.  Our office has nice views of the surroundings, a spacious company cafĂ©, parking and there's a commercial fitness centre and two restaurants in the building (and a bunch more within reasonable walking and driving range).  We'd love to have you come by so that we can talk to you about the position and give you a tour of the office, so start by sending in your resume.

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