Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dash Cheatsheet for git-svn

One of my clients uses Subversion for source-control, and since I spend a lot of time in git anyway, I have been using git-svn to interact with their subversion repository. I like being able to commit locally even when I don't have a connection to their server, and then push the commits up to subversion when I do have a connection.

However, while git-svn lets me use some of the same tools that I use elsewhere, like Git Tower, the syntax for git-svn isn't exactly the same as either the git or svn clients, and it's not a perfect abstraction, which means that I occasionally have trouble remembering the exact syntax or the way to do something like find out which git commit corresponds to a subversion revision number.

Since I've been using Dash as a documentation browser as well, and since Dash 2.0 introduced cheat sheets, it seemed like I could save myself some time by writing a git-svn cheatsheet for Dash, which I did, and since it might save someone else some time, I contributed it to the Dash cheatsheet repo (using a pull request).

It's available now, so if you ever use git-svn and you use Dash, you should be able to download it within the app. And since the repository is open, you can even submit a pull request for changes to my cheatsheet if there are things you'd like to add to it (or, if you prefer, you can let me know, and perhaps I'll make the change).

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